Discouragement [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Discouragement:

Many faced discouragement from school officials in doing so.

According to the unanimous testimony of the chroniclers, the English host was struck with serious discouragement.

Mr. Gryce and Miss Butterworth stepped at once into the light, and surveyed each other with a look of marked discouragement.

It crowds the hours, and accumulates until often discouragement and nervous exhaustion follow.

He looked at her in complete discouragement, and Amarita returned his gaze with one bespeaking a conviction of her own innocence.

A sense of discouragement regarding long distances was just at that moment the most remote sensation in Stanton's sensibilities.

His letters during this period reflect the varying phases of hope and of discouragement; but, upon the whole, the latter prevails.

She had come, walking fearlessly in her darkened world, to him in his darkened world of discouragement and bitterness.

And I hope that Mr. Howard's obvious absorption was not due to‚ÄĒdiscouragement.

He felt the first touch of discouragement as he looked at them.