Catalyst [noun]

Definition of Catalyst:

something which incites activity

Synonyms of Catalyst:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catalyst:

Sentence/Example of Catalyst:

South Africa provides 84% of the platinum group metals needed for fuel cells and automotive catalysts.

That time spent in Ghana and across West and sub-Saharan Africa became my catalyst for starting Tala, and I regularly encourage my team members to take on a “figure it out!”

Floyd’s death was the catalyst for this year’s earlier protests, and Blake’s shooting reignited the demonstrations.

So, more than anything, the endorsement was a catalyst for us to actually say let’s do something, we don’t have to sit around and wait on what are we going to do, endorse or not endorse.

Brittney Sykes is a defensive catalyst for the Sparks and dramatically improved her efficiency from two.

The robot carried out 688 experiments over 8 days, working for 172 out of 192 hours, and at the end it had found a catalyst that produced hydrogen 6 times faster than the one it started out with.

A catalyst speeds up a reaction but isn’t used up or changed in the process.

Because the research is pretty clear that parent talk and interaction in the first three years of life are the catalyst for brain development.

This simple act may have been the catalyst which gave Burl the solution to the problem.

We may, then, compare the catalyst to what is known as "a good mixer" in society.