Impetus [noun]

Definition of Impetus:

stimulus, force

Synonyms of Impetus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impetus:

Sentence/Example of Impetus:

The Super Bowl is the country’s largest sports-betting event of the year, and Sunday’s big game may provide another impetus for states to try to cash in on gambling revenue.

Yes, reducing a ski’s weight can make turning a bit easier and less tiring, which was the original impetus behind this whole trend.

The disparities in treatment were an impetus for a heated debate on hyper-opulent fine dining and contributed to the downfall of Le Cirque.

A pandemic which has lasted the better part of a year has, naturally, taken a toll on our collective mental health, so the impetus to gather with friends and loved ones is understandable this holiday season.

Without a financial impetus to change their practices, Aral argues, these platforms will never fully commit to policing themselves.

AI may provide the necessary impetus to finally address this issue.

I believe the experiments of Steinberg are going to be an impetus for more theory.

She hoped it would be “enough impetus” for lawmakers to agree on change and fund it adequately next session, she said.

This was a lesson Rachel Mooreland learned the hard way and was part of the impetus of her decision to leave her little Chicago studio for the sake of more space and a better location.

It aids conversation by occasionally interrupting it for a short period, to be renewed with a new impetus.