Impulsion [noun]

Definition of Impulsion:

drive, resolve

Synonyms of Impulsion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impulsion:

Sentence/Example of Impulsion:

Nor was this literary impulsion entirely without fruit-bearing.

The editors of the National Magazine had given a new impulsion to my song—and a damned bad one.

Thus, then, the exclusive action of sensuous impulsion has for its necessary consequence the narrowest limitation.

Under impulsion of the Arranger of Inanities the pomaded princes next began their inspection of the buildings.

He talks himself into passion, gives himself that impulsion which then bears others along with him.

The carriage had eight wheels, two of which were large and gave the impulsion.

Why should we be confined to employ only the power of impulsion?

Under this impulsion, the tribunals became exceedingly lenient, frequently exercising the power left to them of suspending cases.

The electrons, positive as well as negative, undergo then a mechanical impulsion by the action of these different fields.

I rose and lighted a candle, under the impulsion of that idea, reserving my flashlight for the search.