Whimsy [noun]

Definition of Whimsy:

quaint or fanciful quality or humor

Synonyms of Whimsy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Whimsy:


Sentence/Example of Whimsy:

At last the whimsy of my soul is outmatched by the turn of events.

He danced there like the whimsy sunbeam of a shaken water below.

He felt all the blood in him bound out of his heart to meet her whimsy.

"Hum," Shorty said, the light of whimsy dancing in his eyes.

The big city was no longer an old familiar mother, whose every mood and whimsy he sensed unerringly; now he was a stranger.

The whimsy creatures we are matched to contrast with, shift as the very winds or feather-grasses in the wind.

Another roll to larboard—the sloop in her whimsy hung there, tormenting him through a time of sunny blindness and no breathing.

The passion of father for daughter, of mother for son—there is often something very loverlike in it—a deal of whimsy!

The name could mean anything or nothing, according to the whimsy of the lower courts.

He is in his droll way of whimsy a social critic beneath the irresponsible play of a poet's fancy and an idealist's vision.