Playfulness [noun]

Definition of Playfulness:

high-spirited state

Synonyms of Playfulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Playfulness:


Sentence/Example of Playfulness:

I am playful; playfulness is a part of my amiable character.

There was a playfulness about her nips and a gentleness that prevented them from really hurting him.

He was a quick-tempered gentleman, and my playfulness offended him.

It may have been playfulness, yet the girl jumped up as if she had been stung by a wasp.

The very courtesy of his manner, the flavour of playfulness in the voice set him apart.

You would ask why my husbands are the only victims of my playfulness?

He said you had the playfulness of a lamb without its selfishness.

No playfulness here, but a stout reckoning with austere beauty.

And of that character, as I have said, the final note is playfulness.

"I wonder who lives in the castle," she responded to his mood of playfulness.