Jest [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Jest:

I've tried to teach lots of folks; an' sum learns quick, an' some don't never learn; it's jest 's 't strikes 'em.

I allow we shan't never set eyes on ter her, Jos. I've got jest thet feelin' abaout it.

I never see sech hosses; 'n' they're jest like kittens; they've ben drefful pets, I allow.

I ain't a gwine ter back daown naow; but I dew jest wish Jeff Hyer wuz along.

But I allow they'd flatten us all aout in jest abaout a minnit, if they wuz to set aout tew!

Yeow tell him his' sister allers called me Aunt Ri, 'n' I jest wish he would.

Frederick, embarrassed, thought his sister was carrying the jest too far.

The reaction from excitement had set in, and she let her husband's jest fall to the ground where it belonged.

They stopped fer water an' then hiked right on, jest as though they was in a hurry ter git some'r's.

It had become a standard jest with the ex-postman that she should never go anywhere away from Skyrie without her pocket-book.