Prank [noun]

Definition of Prank:

practical joke; frivolity

Synonyms of Prank:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prank:

Sentence/Example of Prank:

Having retired to his own house, he often played off many a prank.

In earliest youth he had been a merry prank; he was still a prank, but not often merry.

She smiled at him glowingly, thinking she had caught him at a prank.

Whether divine or of what origin I will not have judged by that night's prank of mine.

It might be a prank—or something like that—but it would n't be wrong.

Graham sank into a chair, looking like a small boy caught in a prank.

I declare I never can tell what prank you will be up to next.

As he stated, "It was far too good a prank to keep it to myself."

Had it not been for this, I should have punished the lad severely for the prank he has played.

Bernard, I must request you never to play such a prank again.