Spoof [noun]

Definition of Spoof:

trick, mockery

Synonyms of Spoof:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spoof:

Sentence/Example of Spoof:

But I thought it was just one of these bloomin' spoof entrainments.

He thought I was going to rag him about the spoof he'd played off on the nurse.

But don't bother to spoof yourself about me; I shall be all right, really.

"Here are some letters, Mr. Spoof," said Jean, extending the little bundle.

Spoof evidently meant to sell his life dearly, if there should be any demand for it.

Spoof's tent was up less than a day, and there were pictures on the walls!

Spoof, too, seemed to enjoy the conversation, and to react to the music of Jean's voice.

He pointed in the direction of Spoof's homestead, and I turned my face to the south.

"Mighty decent of you to come after me," said Spoof, at length.

As the evening wore on Spoof insisted that Jean get out the banjo.