Lampoon [noun]

Definition of Lampoon:

parody, satire

Synonyms of Lampoon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lampoon:

Sentence/Example of Lampoon:

I called Liszt's article a criticism, but "lampoon" or "libel" would have been a more appropriate designation.

Lampoon itself would disdain to speak ill of him of whom no man speaks well.

In a few weeks that amusing lampoon on the scholars and commentators of the time had run through four editions.

I dined with Mr. Addison, and Jervas the painter, at Addison's country place; and then came home, and writ more to my lampoon.

I have almost finished my lampoon, and will print it for revenge on a certain great person.

A mug or a jug with an inscription may tell a story of popular party feeling as pointedly as a broadsheet or a political lampoon.

Squib, skwib, n. a paper tube filled with combustibles, thrown up into the air burning and bursting: a petty lampoon.

In the next year, 424, Aristophanes produced the Knights, the most violent political lampoon in literature.

As a rule, however, the lampoon possessed no poetical graces, and in its very nature was usually anonymous.

Replies were made to this lampoon, but replies to satires never please as much as the satires themselves.