Ridicule [noun]

Definition of Ridicule:

contemptuous laughter at someone or something

Synonyms of Ridicule:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ridicule:

Sentence/Example of Ridicule:

At the same time, they have their use, where they do not create their ridicule.

This powerful fear of ridicule conquered, or suppressed, all other feelings.

Young men are so governed by fashion, and so afraid of ridicule.

Let ridicule be abashed before the majesty of such characters!

Would they bear the ridicule of the other boys of their own age?

After this, fearing their ridicule, nothing would have kept Charley away.

Thirdly, that they are never set forth as the objects of ridicule, but detestation.

If ridicule, as Shaftesbury says, be the test of truth, Joseph Hume stood the test well.

It was nevertheless received with ridicule, as the utterance of a crack-brained impostor.

The world is quick to turn and rend with ridicule a false prophet.