Sneer [verb]

Definition of Sneer:

mock, condemn

Synonyms of Sneer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sneer:

Sentence/Example of Sneer:

"You have found a new business, I see," he said, with a sneer.

She had completed the verse with the hint of a sneer in her tones.

And sneer'd at just fraternity, and the equal rights of man.

He made an effort to shake off the feeling, and spoke with a sneer.

You ought not thus to sneer at physic, and make me lose my precious time.

He tapped his breast-pocket with a sneer of bucolic triumph.

There was a sneer on the monster as he pressed something on the tube.

"'Touch him,'" murmured Mrs. Belknap-Jackson with an able sneer.

"You are changing, in fact," replied the other with a sneer.

Haunted his lips in a sneer of restless, incredulous mocking.