Approve [verb]

Definition of Approve:

agree something is good

Synonyms of Approve:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approve:

Sentence/Example of Approve:

I have shown your account of your thrashing by steam, and Sir John Sinclair and Mr. —— very highly approve it.

I don't approve of women giving such broad hints to us men folk.

Those who approve of their polity countenance what is hostile to his government, and thus act as his enemies.

In reference to this, as well as to any other matter inculcated upon them, their consciences will either approve or condemn them.

She was a very nice girl; I wonder whether nurse would approve of her.

Sarah watched Fennefos, for she was certain that he would not approve of the book her mother was reading from.

Approve, he repeated, that you will not hinder but rather further it, and keep Dine from making her unhappy about it.

And hain't learnt nothin' bad there yet, but the minister does some things I don't approve; no, don't approve.

The man she marries will be the one I approve of, and then she will live happy ever after, concludes the fond parent.

I know not a more cruel situation than that when the heart is bestowed on one whom the judgment could not approve.