Oppose [verb]

Definition of Oppose:

fight, obstruct

Opposite/Antonyms of Oppose:

Sentence/Example of Oppose:

She must take her own way in silence, for they would be certain to oppose it!

I oppose you only on account of our love and for our mutual happiness.

They gathered accordingly, to oppose the advance of the troops.

She seemed to be searching in the depths of her mind for some argument to oppose to my assertions.

We felt confident that if most of the men did not go with us, they would not oppose us.

He chooses tools to assist, not strong individualities to oppose, him.

She had then wished to stay with me, and I had not had courage enough to oppose her.

I should have felt stronger if I had known that the public were come to oppose and not to encourage me.

I will oppose nothing that you ask of me,' said the old man.

I wanted nothing to eat, but how could I oppose anything he said?