Neutralize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Neutralize:

This will neutralize the acid and prevent it from rotting the wood.

This helps to neutralize the acid and keep it from injuring the wood or cement.

This will neutralize any acid which may be present in the moisture.

He can take nothing away, but only cauterize and neutralize, he says, so why not let him try?

If we tried it this close, we'd just be trying to neutralize the sun's gravity.

They've solved the secret of our invisibility, and now they can neutralize it.

This will neutralize the acid, forming a salt which may be either brushed or washed off.

But still you have a little arrangement to neutralize that, eh?

Powell tried all he could to neutralize the bad influence of Denham, but it was useless.

You want a motive to neutralize that, and induce you to revisit him in a friendly way.