Offset [verb]

Definition of Offset:

counterbalance, compensate

Synonyms of Offset:

Opposite/Antonyms of Offset:

Sentence/Example of Offset:

To offset this (p. 096) the Germans bombarded the British line at that point.

Here the spell of one sorceress can straightway be offset by that of her sister.

The belief had been big enough to offset all possible evidence.

It is fair to say that the hesitancy of some was offset by the heroism of others.

What can they offer to offset the influences behind these bodies?

To offset this benefit, his arm was now blacker than ever and rapidly swelling.

This can be offset by increasing the diameter of the conductor.

Where evil exists there is some good to offset it, says compensation.

For the moment it was all that came to her, as offset to this superb impudence.

This has more than offset the loss of vessels destroyed by the Germans.