Redeem [verb]

Definition of Redeem:

recover possession

Synonyms of Redeem:

Opposite/Antonyms of Redeem:

Sentence/Example of Redeem:

And by our dreams and labors we will redeem the promise of America in the 21st century.

But as to doing what he wills with a word—see what it cost him to redeem the world!

Is it possible to do nothing to redeem these poor people, father, from captivity?

Offices which are but pledges that we are expected to redeem.

I reject the monstrous theory that while a man may redeem the past, a woman never can.

It's little enough I am concerned to redeem the past save only in your eyes.

He could think of no way in which to redeem his pledged word.

Rams, said he, were every-day fare; they could redeem no promise.

You are going to try and redeem the rich, or, at least, to show them the way of redemption.

I came to you to redeem the promise, and you laughed in my face.