Disproportion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disproportion:

Also, that which especially exasperates the man of Taste in the sight of Vice is its deformity and disproportion.

The greater the disproportion between the unit who commands and the numbers who obey, the greater the chance of mutiny.

The disproportion was certainly not due to any discrimination by the officers or crew in assisting the passengers to the boats.

The same disproportion of number and value may be noticed on many occasions between the sin-offering and the peace offering.

Not that there is in that course—in its achievements—any disproportion with the previous promise.

It is quite possible that this disproportion, viewed with a malignant eye, had been made matter of reproach by his adversaries.

The disproportion between his own nature and powers, and the high calling to which he has been called, flashes across his mind.

Hence there was a great disproportion of the slain in battle between peasants and their mounted masters.

The disproportion between my extravagant desires, and the means of gratifying them, is too great for me to endure any longer.

The two elder felt strongly the disproportion of their marriages to that of their younger sister.