Irregularity [noun]

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Without federal action, the college landscape is poised for a period of uncertainty and irregularity beginning this summer.

Meanwhile, HHS is reviewing whether the spending irregularities violated the Antideficiency Act, another law governing the use of federal funds authorized by Congress.

They just have to figure out how to get these elections to work properly so there aren’t all these irregularities and things that appear to be cheating, even if they’re not.

She said she believed the unsubstantiated reports of ballot fraud, voter suppression and other voting irregularities in Pennsylvania and across the country.

She objected to Ohio’s 2004 electors, and as with Republicans today, she cited alleged irregularities.

If this hearing were truly just about irregularities, that would be one thing.

He spent the entire time — about 45 minutes — ranting about alleged voter irregularities and fraud that his team has failed to prove.

It allows you to access saved data, and track patterns and irregularities in addition to setting fitness goals.

Most of the leadership of the state’s GOP establishment has since echoed the unfounded claims of voting irregularities.

Television networks are adding experts in election law to their election night coverage teams so they’re prepared to explain legal challenges or irregularities that may come up during the vote.