Distortion [noun]

Definition of Distortion:

deformity; falsification

Synonyms of Distortion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distortion:

Sentence/Example of Distortion:

That “news staffer” needs a leader at Fox News with some standing, someone who could stand up to the multimillionaires who pack the prime-time schedule with lies and distortions.

Another perk of this lens shape is less distortion and glare.

The price distortions of stocks in the index turbocharge the small-cap advantage.

Our autobiographical memories are subject to all kinds of distortions—what psychologist Daniel Schacter cheekily calls “sins of commission.”

In particular, the researchers look for distortions caused by gravitational waves — ripples in space-time that, when they pass through the pulsars, change the blips’ arrival time on Earth.

Embellishment, distortion, and outright lying become that much easier, especially for public figures, whose posts on social platforms often get special treatment.

They corrected distortions from the chopping using data from the MRI scans and then lined up neurons in consecutive sections—picture putting together a 3D puzzle—to reconstruct the whole brain.

"Come nearer, Tatsu San," he whispered, forcing his face into the distortion of a smile.

No distortion of countenance, or aukward behaviour; no absence of mind; but to keep the Graces always in remembrance.

In fig. 72 distortion is carried too far; this figure is merely used as an illustration.