Malformation [noun]

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It is in like manner to an accidental malformation, that the Americans are indebted for their Otter breed of sheep.

It may be due to a lasting or a passing malformation of the teeth, palate, or tongue, or it may be simply a bad habit.

It can be in the form of a change in slant, a deliberate malformation of the individual letters.

The malformation of his foot was, even at this childish age, a subject on which he showed peculiar sensitiveness.

The old Duke really had a slight malformation of the ear, which really was more or less hereditary.

She noticed the first year that it had a wing-feather which stuck out, owing probably to a malformation of the socket.

Fig. 85, showing the foot in section from side to side, gives an exact idea of this malformation.

The stem joints are so close together and their bases so swelled as to suggest malformation.

Symphys′ia, a malformation produced by the union of parts properly separate; Sym′phytism, a coalescence of word-elements.

The child had had no malformation, no accident, to injure the spine or the co-ordination between limbs and brain.