Story [noun]

Definition of Story:

account, news

Opposite/Antonyms of Story:

Sentence/Example of Story:

The lawyer listened with surprise to the story Robert had to tell.

He recalled the story Uncle Peter had told at the Oldakers' about the woman and her hair.

They told the story of a queen who had lived to be eighty-two years old.

She found a friend in a white lady, who knew her story and helped her on her way.

So far, the story of ancient man has been the record of a wonderful achievement.

Such was the state of things at the commencement of our story.

It seemed to come from the direction of Malbone's room, which was in the third story.

Grace led the way and the trio ascended to the second story.

The story will signally fail of its purpose if it does not carry its own moral with it.

Six lines would have contained all that is in it to the purpose of my story.