Relation [noun]

Definition of Relation:

connection, family connection

Synonyms of Relation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relation:

Sentence/Example of Relation:

Who would not be proud of such a relation as Miss Clarissa Harlowe?

Mr. Gladstone dwells much on the relation of Homer to Christianity.

To my mind the two have no more than the relation of the words of a song and the music of its setting.

In relation to her and her people he seemed to himself a man of power and influence.

I revert, then, to my statement that God's relation to punishment is chiefly verbal.

Her one relation was a brother of high standing as a pickpocket.

What is to be said about the relation of baptized children to the Church?

You have no other relation, and somebody must look after things here.

We have already observed that the selection of this name was judicious in more than one relation.

I am not only a relation, but treated as a friend of the family.