Alliance [noun]

Definition of Alliance:

friendly association, agreement

Opposite/Antonyms of Alliance:

Sentence/Example of Alliance:

In small human societies, for thousands of years, there were shifting alliances and status hierarchies, people who were good to cooperate with and people who most people ostracized.

TikTok responded by beginning negotiations with potential buyers, the most likely of included Oracle and a rival alliance of Microsoft and Walmart.

Part of that work includes Ryan’s CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, an alliance of some 1,200 CEOs who are working collaboratively on inclusion issues in their workforce.

They include alliances with companies like Adidas and Lego and star designers like Tom Dixon and Virgil Abloh.

Aggressive interactions and alliances help determine which hyenas are on top, and all individuals know where they stand, Strauss says.

Our alliance with Medically Home has powered our new advanced home care model, which launched 14 months earlier than planned and allows some patients to receive hospital-level care at home in the middle of a pandemic.

Historical racial discrimination also places minority communities at disproportionately higher risk, says Aaron Bernstein, a pediatrician at Boston Children’s Hospital and a member of the new alliance.

It can be a revolution, a coup, an economic collapse or even a new alliance.

Renault plunged to a record loss in the second quarter as the pandemic ruptured car sales and the company continued to feel the negative effects from its troubled alliance partnership with Nissan, of which it owns 43%.

As a secretary of defense, if we didn’t have those alliances, if we didn’t have NATO, we couldn’t project power around the world, because we couldn’t station troops around the world.