Participation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Participation:

And you mean by the word 'participation' a power of doing or suffering?

And do not 'will be,' 'will become,' 'will have become,' signify a participation of future time?

And 'is,' or 'becomes,' signifies a participation of present time?

And can that which has no participation in being, either assume or lose being?

For 'to be' is the participation of being in present time, 'to have been' in past, 'to be about to be' in future time.

Now the participation of fruits shall be ordered on this wise.

But in this death of Fra Sebastiano I was heated by no participation.

He declared that she was entirely innocent of any participation in the scheme of rebellion.

Now, unfortunately in many, if not in all these advantages, we have no participation.

For it is by participation of species that we call every sensible object beautiful.