Attendance [noun]

Definition of Attendance:

being present

Synonyms of Attendance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attendance:

Sentence/Example of Attendance:

In-person attendance was optional, but those who opted out had to still attend on Zoom and report absences to the coach.

Since stepping back from CEO duties, his public persona has been shaped by his book, celebrity friends including Sean Combs and even attendance at last year’s Burning Man festival.

Consequences of the pandemic on these industries could range from lowered attendance at film festivals and disruptions in film distribution to delayed or canceled movie releases and concert dates to curtailed on-location film shoots.

Exactly how schools should take attendance for online learning has been a fraught question.

Guilford and Miami-Dade reported that in some weeks, over 90 percent of students logged on to classes, though average attendance trended lower.

Notably, two SDPD officers were in attendance at that May 2019 meeting.

While an in-person forum event might have had 50 to 150 in attendance, depending on the venue size, Wyler said the virtual events have on average had 750 to 1,000 registrants.

The event is uber-popular with more than 250,000 people in attendance.

“Our main concern is ensuring the safety of the attendance is there, that everybody has a place to go and everybody has a person to depend on for safety, whether that be medics or leaders,” Castro said.

Each evening Mr. Levi was in attendance, and this day, according to rule, she went down to the grand old dining-room.