Obstruction [noun]

Definition of Obstruction:

obstacle, impediment

Synonyms of Obstruction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obstruction:

Sentence/Example of Obstruction:

Could this be all the obstruction I was prepared to open a pass through?

In the semi-obscurity, moreover, the obstruction of the ward seemed to have increased.

But what could have been the reasons for this their obstruction of the natural flow of tradition?

That means an upcurrent of air indicating an obstruction under us.

He had crashed into an obstruction so transparent that he had not seen it.

The Conservatives and obstruction, the Liberals and closure.

You can't recover insurance if you're broke for obstruction.

Springing from timber to timber, he at last reached the point of obstruction.

"Obstruction on the line in front, sir," he said, addressing nobody in particular.

On the contrary, it has been a very potent cause of confusion and obstruction.