Jam [noun]

Definition of Jam:

troublesome situation

Synonyms of Jam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Jam:

Sentence/Example of Jam:

Koslow had faced criticism earlier in the summer for serving moldy jam at her restaurant, allegedly taking credit for other people’s recipes, and hiding an illegal kitchen space from the health department.

Many of these worker bees weren’t looking for electronic jams or Gregorian chants.

In early April, during that brief phase when lockdown felt more like an unexplored alien planet than the inescapable traffic jam it soon became, I called Japan’s biggest karaoke operators to see what they made of it all.

That weekend and Monday saw 10-hour traffic jams to cross the border, the Union-Tribune reports.

However, if that is your jam and a wall with a hole in it somewhere awaits you, have at it.

Driving and traffic jams aside, it was the time when I could relax my mind.

With a premise of providing on-demand, flexible transport service to get around the city’s hours-long traffic jams and congestion, Gokada soon became one of the most prominent bike-hailing startups on the scene.

He became the low-born, petty tradesman, using the language of the hands of his jam factory.

The system would be perfect for the mellowing of port or madeira, but when it is applied to plum and apple jam or, when 18 pr.

I dont think much of this jam pie, complained Chet, holding up a wedge that he had taken from his sisters basket.