Success [noun]

Definition of Success:

favorable outcome

Opposite/Antonyms of Success:

Sentence/Example of Success:

I ventured to predict that success awaited him in the rubber business.

That one example, moreover, has been a success as unqualified as undeniable.

They tried it out at home and when it proved a success, they carried it abroad.

She was properly presented; but as yet she has had no success at all.'

"Frankly, your success is by no means complete," replied she.

Thus was the work begun by Wilberforce finally crowned with success.

We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.

To make sure of success and the size of his stakes he was willing to invest heavily.

Yet the effort she made, and with success, to restrain the show of her anger, was far from slight.

There shall be no success to the man who is not willing to begin small.