Boom [noun]

Definition of Boom:

loud sound; crash

Synonyms of Boom:

Opposite/Antonyms of Boom:

Sentence/Example of Boom:

Ironically, the business of edtech and digital learning has been booming.

These past months, as other industries struggle, Netflix has been booming.

Esports, an already booming industry, have taken on an even greater significance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

As one publishing executive put it, specialist titles don’t see the same boom and bust cycel as general news publishers.

So even though they lost cross-border traffic, they’re seeing booms in domestic travel.

The cities of Cleveland and Akron, located 38 miles apart along the river’s banks, boomed.

With the boom in online recovery groups, maybe it will be better.

Started as Melvin Simon & Associates in Indianapolis in 1960, the company was central to a national building boom as families flocked to the suburbs.

The early days of fantasy sports coincided with the rise of the dot-com boom.

Ted Rossman, an industry analyst at Bankrate, says that this suggests it’s a “boom or bust” period, meaning customers either get their money back quickly or not at all.