Roar [noun]

Definition of Roar:

growl, howl

Synonyms of Roar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roar:

Sentence/Example of Roar:

This was responded to by a roar of satisfaction from the crowd below.

The sound in her ear had grown to a roar, as of many mill-wheels.

Not from the street, for all beside was still; even the roar of London was hushed!

Rain fell in torrents; the crashing thunder was like the roar of artillery.

I am sick in my soul of narrow apartments and wheels and the rush and roar of the city.

The Book is full of the tingle and even the roar of the life out of which it was born.

At this moment a roar of astonishment came up to them from down the slope.

The sound grew louder, and became like the roar of a high wind.

He slept well, excepting when he was awakened by the roar of a bear or some other wild animal.

The pier is all but on the bowsprit, and you think you are there—roll, roar, wash!