Explosion [noun]

Definition of Explosion:

eruption, discharge

Synonyms of Explosion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explosion:

Sentence/Example of Explosion:

Knowing the nova rate is vital for determining how much these explosions have contributed to the galaxy’s chemical makeup by creating new elements.

Experts worry Super Bowl could trigger coronavirus explosion.

Experts worry Super Bowl parties could trigger coronavirus explosion.

Kling was one of the first county workers to arrive at the scene of a massive explosion and fire at a Silver Spring apartment complex in August 2016.

Ending the Fairness Doctrine was one key factor leading to an explosion of right-wing radio programming in the 1990s — though sometimes an overstated one.

Six workers were on the scene for planned repairs when the explosion occurred, said Washington Gas chief of communications Brian Edwards.

Einstein’s math predicted such waves could be created, not only by gigantic collisions but also by explosions and other accelerating bodies.

New Dealers saw the explosion of demand for aluminum as an opportunity to bend the industry to their needs.

A thin and fragile barrier separates combustion from explosion.

Rather than listening to roll calls, staffers were hearing explosions and bullets.