Percussion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Percussion:

He saw a spark, heard the bang of the percussion cap, but there was nothing more.

His other burdens were his packet of percussion caps, his blanket, and his crutches.

If it goes round to the percussion of the hand it indicates jealousy.

This second crow was full of fire, and daring, and challenge, and percussion.

Auscultation and percussion show that the internal organs are normal.

I say trebled, for my powder and the percussion combined have more than trebled the velocities.

This was the strike-a-light, or percussion, method of making a fire.

These backwoodsmen were much interested by all our effects, and were particularly struck with our percussion guns and rifles.

First the match-lock, wheel-lock, flint-lock, percussion lock.

Percussion, auscultation, and exploration are also available methods.