Impact [noun]

Definition of Impact:

collision, force

Synonyms of Impact:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impact:

Sentence/Example of Impact:

We look for mission-driven founders who believe their companies can make a real and positive impact on the lives of people and patients the world over.

It’s important to recognize the truth of our impacts, to take stock of the enormous destruction we have reaped on this planet’s biodiversity and climate.

Committed investors, engaged philanthropy, and smart state and local policy can create access to capital for marginalized communities that fosters genuine impact and fights poverty.

So it starts as a grant, but then it’s mixed with a convertible note that converts based on how much impact they’re creating, measured on metrics that we advise.

Faulconer and Housing Commission officials see the proposed purchases as a chance to make a major impact on the city’s homelessness crisis.

Bachelet in her speech also spoke about the impact the pandemic has had in the Western Hemisphere.

What’s more, the offspring of future CRISPR babies, and even their children, will also have to be tracked to gauge the impact on generations to come.

It also produces bespoke reports for clients on their entire portfolio — everything from risk analysis to the impact of inflation.

Meanwhile, the Deutsche team focused on the impact of the options market, using a metric that looks at the number of bearish contracts relative to bullish ones.

Meanwhile, the Bloomberg-funded digital firm Hawkfish, headed by CEO Josh Mendelsohn, has done perhaps more than anybody on the left to analyze the impact a mostly mail election will have, and its findings will shape the media discourse.