Crunch [noun]

Definition of Crunch:

crucial point

Synonyms of Crunch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crunch:

Sentence/Example of Crunch:

There was, however, that pleasant, satisfying crunch, like taking a chunk out of a perfectly crisp apple, and that miniscule bit of toasted, sometimes sweet, sometimes salty, flavor mixed in with a slurry of desiccated rice matter.

Stepien earlier had slashed spending on television ads, fearing a cash crunch that could leave the campaign in financial trouble in its final 30 days.

Ziff Davis, which owns publications including PC Mag and Mashable, saw the strong performance they’ve seen on products such as laptops continue, even amid an economic crunch, vp of partner development Jessica Spira said.

These hundred-million-dollar machines usually run on hundreds of thousands of processors, occupy warehouse floors, gobble up copious amounts of energy, and crunch numbers at an ungodly pace.

Doritos are prototyped in a lab by material scientists looking at different dimensions of like crunch and torsion and all these other sort of mechanical properties.

The shouts of teamsters and the crack of whips punctuated the crunch of wheels as our wagons swiftly swung again into stockade.

A crunch of footsteps could be heard outside, cautiously approaching the barn door.

The lawyer took a cup, sugared it, and drank it, after having crumbled into it a little cake which was too hard to crunch.

There was a sickening crunch of bone as giant fangs closed on the face of the struggling figure, and Mog, the sullen, was no more.

I can feel my bones crunch in their big mouths and see them lick their chops after they have eaten us.