Crux [noun]

Definition of Crux:

most important part

Synonyms of Crux:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crux:

Sentence/Example of Crux:

In keeping with the expert consensus on decarbonization, the crux of China’s odyssey is electrifying its economy as much as possible, from switching to electric vehicles to using electricity instead of coal for some industrial production.

That’s the crux of Mulan, in which our heroine realizes, through pretending to be a perfect bride and pretending to be a perfect soldier and failing at both, that gender is ultimately performative.

That’s the whole crux of the fight that’s happening right now with Tik Tok.

The crux of this issue is in transitioning away from the view that work gives life meaning and life is about using work to survive, towards a view of living a life that itself is fulfilling and meaningful.

It seems like the neighbor cells are the crux, in addition to the encoding neurons themselves, the team explained.

The very word (crux) was used among them as a curse, especially in the form ad (malam) crucem.

Ah, that was it—that was the crux of the whole matter; and he remembered now that never once had she reproached him with that.

Priests are portrayed in adoration of the crux ansata before phallic monuments.

Every Sunday morning proved the crux of her experience, and Mrs. Caukins' nerves were correspondingly shaken.

The crux of the whole matter is not exhaustion, but a loss of control over the nervous forces.