Meat [noun]

Definition of Meat:

flesh of animal consumed as food

Synonyms of Meat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meat:

Sentence/Example of Meat:

Ye be my guests, ye wot,” he added, “since ye tarried not for meat at Hyde.

(b) What disposal should be made of meat from which stock is made?

It is to the length of these fibers that the tenderness of meat is due.

In the bottom of the pan is a rack upon which the meat may rest.

Then wipe the meat carefully and brown it on all sides in the fat.

Then examine the meat to see how much of the liquid has evaporated.

(b) How does meat compare in cost with the other daily foods?

Remove the meat from the bones and cut it into small pieces.

(a) How does the composition of poultry compare with that of meat?

There may be a second layer of bread on top of the meat if desired.