Aliment [noun]

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A kindred mental dissipation follows in the steps of progress, and demands aliment from our public libraries.

In what soil grew the flowers and ripened the fruits which have been the delight and the aliment of nations?

Aliment′al, supplying food; Aliment′ary, pertaining to aliment: nutritive.

Secondly, it is proved to be true by the way it is produced, as it is the superfluity of the last aliment of the fleshy parts.

She found great benefit from frequently changing her aliment.

Vegetable aliment has likewise no tendency to produce those constitutional disorders which animal food so frequently occasions.

The major part of the aliment ought to consist of vegetable substances.

He had formed him with a nature to which a vegetable aliment was better suited than any other.

Habit has certainly great influence in attaching us to particular kinds of aliment.

He is fitted to derive nourishment both from animal and vegetable aliment; but can live exclusively on either.