Nourishment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Nourishment:

His only nourishment was milk, drawn from a bottle through a quill.

Don't you see that it interferes with the other, and robs it of its nourishment?

Don't you see that it attracts all the nourishment to itself, and hinders this side from growing?

So nourishment, cleanliness, and ventilation are the main remedies.

A week of this sort of nourishment, and I'll have you converted to my ideas.

The patient signed for the nourishment, and he revived a little.

You were ill and half-starving, and I had to get you nourishment and clothes.

A pint a day was his daily ration, the only nourishment he could digest.

She insisted, however, that he and Jean should take some nourishment first.

But all at once the infants had awoke, clamoring for nourishment.