Diet [noun]

Definition of Diet:

abstinence from food

Synonyms of Diet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diet:

Sentence/Example of Diet:

He trains like a professional athlete in any other sport, with early-morning gym sessions, a diet of healthful foods and all-day practice.

Rather than revamp the industry, these critics suggest alternatives such as meat-free diets to fulfill our need for protein.

In some cases, bacteria could even use these electrons to fuel growth in much the same way that humans use electrons from carbohydrates in the diet for energy.

As a snapshot of the dino’s diet, the gut contents “can tell us more about dinosaur behavior,” Chin says.

Some of the data that scientists have about dinosaur diets comes from coprolites.

The amphibians don’t appear to pick up the lethal chemical through their diet.

By identifying which fish species can stomach a thorny diet, the new study reveals a possible way to suppress crown-of-thorns outbreaks.

After 36 hours, those adults had higher levels of the isotope than adults fed a normal diet.

She summarized research on exercise, diet and the microbiome in the January 2020 Frontiers in Nutrition.

Tierney and Baumeister recommend what they call a low-bad diet.