Indulgence [noun]

Definition of Indulgence:

luxury; gratification

Opposite/Antonyms of Indulgence:

Sentence/Example of Indulgence:

After that indulgence, we decided to walk off some calories and took a stroll to Baltimore’s Harbor East neighborhood, about two miles south near the Inner Harbor.

Tastemade’s goal was to showcase Castello as an everyday indulgence.

She still prefers to serve it as a small single serving because anything more ruins the indulgence.

Of course you shouldn’t make choices that will cause financial stress later, but I’d encourage you to lean into indulgence, whatever that means for you.

You attend a performance twice a month, an indulgence which marks the passing of the weeks.

They had been permitted to sit up till after the ice-cream, which naturally marked the limit of human indulgence.

Hexam watched her with an amused indulgence that in no wise tempered his mounting admiration.

One would imagine, to hear these (p. 171) people talk, that smoking was the only selfish indulgence in the world.

He glanced up and saw the face of the Bruder watching him with a smile of patient indulgence.

Here is Christianity with its marvellous parable of the Prodigal Son to teach us indulgence and pardon.