Toadying [verb]

Definition of Toadying:


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Sentence/Example of Toadying:

"It is worth lots of toadying," declared De Vere, emphatically.

What looked like toadying was only profound deference for himself.

Now it seems to me that the toadying is all on the other side.

His will gives us some insight into the toadying character of the man.

He was a tuft-hunter and a toady, but he did not know that he was doing amiss in seeking to rise by tuft-hunting and toadying.

I feel sure, as I said, that she's toadying to Mrs. Carnaby, and expects to make her gain out of it somehow.

There is always to be found men who swell their importance by toadying men of character and eminence.

Prominent among them were Bull and his toadying little friend, Baby Edwards.

Bull Harris smiled benignly upon his toadying echo, while the rest of the gang nodded approvingly.

The toadying beast is even trying to curry favour by saying that your copyhold is for life only, and that your fine is uncertain.