Woo [verb]

Definition of Woo:

seek as romantic partner

Synonyms of Woo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Woo:

Sentence/Example of Woo:

Death, which in any case awaits our friends, we woo to them by anticipations of demise.

He had not come back to woo, but as the old friend, ambitious of helpfulness.

If he were so entirely preoccupied with this creature, he would not woo me.

In vain they woo him with their beauteous eyes and breath of perfume.

I am to woo a man before he will pay me the homage of civility.

You will not need to woo the fair but to endure the enforcement of their loving suit.

That will I be in good sooth if only you can woo and win me.

From Alba and Spain, and the far-off isles of Greece, kings came to woo her.

Still, against odds, he had determined to woo and win Carey.

Even on his eider-down bed he could not woo sleep—how then on a prison pallet?