Beg [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Beg:

If there were ever a time to recreate the tuna noodle casserole you begged for five nights a week as an elementary schooler, that time is now.

Tired of sales pitches from ed tech providers, one school superintendent in Washington state sent out a tweet begging them to stop.

Others are gained by paying, providing content, or begging and pleading.

The two had to beg on the streets to be able to get enough to eat, so this was the reason the girls jumped at the chance to get paid jobs in Enugu.

I did not have to feel like I was begging and not able to take care of myself, and they helped me build those little bits of confidence.

They competed for it only in order to get a morsel of food, so they would not have to beg it from door to door.

Monsieur le Maire,” said he, “I should like to examine the premises, and beg that you will have the kindness to accompany me.

I beg to trouble you with a few wild ideas of mine, which perhaps may some future day benefit the public.

I am very much obliged for your continued favours, and beg pardon for so often troubling you.

I hope you will fully consider this business, and must beg you will have the goodness to write to me by return of post.