Implore [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Implore:

They implored the Crimson Tide to please rebound a round ball.

Were you a free man at this moment, and went down on your knees to implore me to give you Anne, I would not do it.

"I implore you, yield to these wise words," now put in the archdeacon addressing Gaudry.

If I loved you, it would be entirely different; so once more, and for the last time, I implore you to let us part as friends.'

Therefore when we hear the sound of the cornet we should implore God to rebuild the Temple.

O you who are quickly ready to help, I implore you for wealth whereby we may overshadow all men, like the sky.

I come as a suppliant, to implore you—firstly for the man who is my father—and secondly for yourself, to warn you.

I can only implore you to take my advice, and to reflect on what you are doing.

I said to my white hairs, which had put it in fear: 'I implore you!

We beg, we implore that you will take better care of yourself.