Crave [verb]

Definition of Crave:

desire intensely

Synonyms of Crave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crave:






Sentence/Example of Crave:

Clue’s cycle analysis starts to get at the macro-level insights I crave and provides the data points to start piecing together the puzzle.

These areas have already been linked in other experiments to the sensation of “wanting” or “craving” something.

We’ve been craving the experience of standing outside, enjoying the sweet scent of charcoal smoke mixed with pine trees, holding a beer in one hand and tongs in the other, and that slightly charred flavor you can only get from cooking over fire.

Maybe it’s a sign of my advancing age, or maybe I just crave a bit of structure in a hectic world full of uncertainty.

Politicians and parties still crave these narratives, though, especially when they lose.

Your customers, clients, and consumers are humans, and they’ve craving comfort and connection right now.

In a time when we can’t hug our friends and families or even speak to store clerks without masks and plastic dividers, we’re craving empathetic, human experiences big-time.

Yet to crave forgiveness would be to confess—to tell all I know—the whole awful truth!

Some offend because they crave popularity or want to do what their friends are doing.

As I have great sorrows, I will confide in you; dreadful disappointment, for which I will crave a smile.