Have [verb]

Definition of Have:

be in possession

Synonyms of Have:

Opposite/Antonyms of Have:

Sentence/Example of Have:

I appeal to yourself, Madam, whether these sublime notions have-any thing consoling in them?

Ha-ha-have my head sha-a-ved, dress myself up li-like a Turk?

He did not-have to teach Mappo very much, for the monkey could already do those things.

No poorest man on earth would change places with this man-that-might-have-been, for his time draws nigh and his end is perdition.

Has time-have my changed fortunes softened her stern determination towards me?

How now, Madam!Have these your prayers unto a nobler willWon back that wandering heart?

His dreams were ended, the "might-have-been" would never be, but he knew that there was peace in that little breast at last.

Other times, depending on the turns in the road, and what-have-you, you would get a view of him.

I looked about me, but there appeared to be now no possible escape from the inquiry, "Have-I—anything to receive, sir?"

No wonder you are feeling nervous and upset over the might-have-beens.