Procure [verb]

Definition of Procure:

acquire, obtain

Synonyms of Procure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Procure:

Sentence/Example of Procure:

I did nothing but what I thought my duty to procure his favour.

What if he should get into a train without a ticket, or send a guard to procure one for him?

My two great desires were to get to the hospital and to procure a bible.

She was not, then, in want of means to procure the common comforts of life.

Take the ripest and most juicy free-stone peaches you can procure.

Such letters may be bought or begged; I will undertake to procure them.

Hetty would have liked to be omniscient that she might procure for him all he could desire.

Constance followed him from the room, volunteering to procure the warm water.

But again, where was Arthur Channing to procure twenty pounds from?

I should not care what labour it cost me to procure the money, so that I succeeded.