Land [noun]

Definition of Land:

earth's surface; ownable property

Synonyms of Land:

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Sentence/Example of Land:

This is largely due to land use changes, namely the conversion of more fire-prone savannah in Central Africa to agricultural land, Swansea University wildfire researcher Cristina Santin Nuno told Carbon Brief.

Another option is to head over to HipCamp, an online directory of private land that’s open to camping, where you’ll find everything from yurts and cabins to treehouses and simple campsites on which to pitch your tent.

In the case of more recent boundaries, such as the Pleistocene-Holocene transition, it is not as easy to find an outcrop on land that documents the transition, so plumbing of paleoclimate archives is required.

What’s most needed is way to reboot our relationship with the oil palm—to find a way to produce more oil on less land.

The land belonged to his in-laws, and they didn’t want anyone else on the property.

Those who stay risk becoming trapped as the land and the society around them ceases to offer any more support.

There are a lot of property owners in that area who would suddenly have land they could do a lot more with.

This seems more complication-prone than other final-delivery options, like having the drone land and the customer pull their order from it, but hey, we’re in a pandemic and contact-free everything is what’s in style.

It’s true that, on the surface, mining companies might not seem compatible with the interests of ESG investors, especially those with concerns around land use and sustainable growth.

One of the trips includes special access to nearby Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, 125,000 acres of protected lands adjacent to popular Mesa Verde National Park, with a fraction of the visitors.