Continent [adjective]

Definition of Continent:

chaste, pure

Synonyms of Continent:

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Sentence/Example of Continent:

Still, prices across the continent are likely to be pressured amid excess supply, said Rupert Claxton, meat director at consultant Gira.

This is thought to be largely due to belts all along the northern parts of the continents where the snow has been melting much earlier due to climate change.

Many of the continent’s highlights are in the Northern Territory, an area left unscathed during last season’s wildfires.

These hordes can cross continents, eating through crops along the way.

Projects like ReGen villages, the so-called “Tesla of ecovillages,” now partnering with municipalities on four continents.

The continents would have been in about the same place as now.

Without parents back at work, there’s scant hope of emerging from the continent’s deepest economic slump.

It took our Asia continent 18 years to reach where the Netherlands is at.

An epidemic morphs into a pandemic when multiple outbreaks persist on multiple continents.

The professor in the class told us how the continents got to where they are today.